Rentalys Solution uses UpperBee Manager,
the only software that manages everything from A to Z.

Rentalys Solution Property Management has chosen UpperBee Manager, the most powerful all-in-one software for multi-residential property management. With UpperBee Manager, you manage your properties in a single platform:

  • Your finances up to date and accessible from anywhere with comprehensive collaborative accounting tools, rent summaries and financial statements
  • All your lease, tenant and resident information in one place
  • Simplified communication tools to increase the well-being of your partners and your community
  • Simple automations to optimize your management, enhance your investments and improve resident comfort




Allows you to monitor in real time the rents collected, late and unpaid. You will be able to keep an eye on the incomes of each of your properties. Reminders are sent directly to tenants in case of late payment.


Allows you to make an effective management of the budgets for the current operations and renovation fund. The contributions to a renovation fund can be made distinctly for each important structural element of your building.


You paid expenses related to your building?
Submit them to your property manager to have them applied to your financial results.

Financial statements

Easy to use modules allowing you to quickly generate the financial statements of buildings of all sizes.





Allows you to easily send emails to the tenants and keep a history of these communications.

Service requests

Allows a tenant experiencing a problem (e.g.: water damage) to follow the evolution of the steps taken by the property manager to resolve the situation.


If your properties are held by an enterprise and the regulations of the corporation require meetings to be held, this module allows you to validate if the quorum is reached, to easily create a Notice of Meeting, an agenda and the minutes that follows the meetings.


Allows the property manager to solicit the opinions of landlords or tenants on various topics. This feature can help in making certain decisions about your properties.


Real-time data

The software allows you to access all modules and get the data when you need it. Access is done through the Internet and is accessible no matter where you are.

Bulletin board of the building

Allows you to inform tenants about specific topics (e.g.: aqueduct work, neighbours moving, etc.)

Welcome Home!

Our Welcome Home! program allows you to customize the arrival of your tenants with a welcome letter and a gift from their landlord.


The Intranet includes all the building’s information available to tenants. It is also where is gathered the whole of the functionalities making it possible for the property manager to effectively manage the building.

Additional Services

You want to offer additional services to your tenants and increase your income? Ask our property management experts.



Leases registry

Keeps up-to-date information on existing leases and tenants of units in the building.


Contracts registry

Allows the management of maintenance, repairs, inspections and major work contracts granted to your suppliers and their renewal dates if needed.


Infringement registry

Allows you to track and manage the tenants who do not respect the regulations in place.

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Rentalys Solution Property Management is a team of software developers working daily to maintain and develop new features to satisfy our customers.

Our programming team is there to answer your technical questions and to listen to your suggestions to continue the constant improvement of the management tools that we propose to you within the framework of one or the other management services.


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