Do you own a condo unit and want to rent it out?

Our condo rental management program is a benchmark in the rental and condominium management industry. Our service combines both rental management and property management, putting all the necessary resources at your disposal to ensure a good rental experience for all.

Real estate investors will find in our offer everything they need to maximize the profitability of their rental condos. We are committed to finding you quality tenants who respect the rental rules established for the building.

Costly penalties for non-compliance with condominium by-laws reduce the return you get from renting out your condo. Our objective is to take the hassle out of the process and maximize your ROI through comprehensive, professional services.
1- Rental services for your unit
2- Complete property management services.
3- Processes that comply with condominium bylaws.

We do our utmost to ensure the security of your investment and the peace of mind of your rental experience.

Why a program focused on condos for rent?

When renting out condominiums, it's essential to proceed with caution. This decision is often governed by strict regulations set out in the declaration of co-ownership. In residences where many condo owners live together, renting can sometimes be perceived in a negative light. This reluctance stems from the risk that tenants will not respect condominium rules, generating complaints and conflicts with other residents. In addition, frequent tenant turnover can increase the risk of damage to the building's common spaces.

That's why we've set up a program dedicated to providing a structure for condominium rentals, defining clear and precise rules for selecting tenants and communicating with the syndicate of condominiums. Rental demand is currently rising significantly, and many tenants are opting for condominium living. Renting a condominium offers many advantages for those looking for a place to live, making this option increasingly popular. In Greater Montreal, it is estimated that nearly 20% of condominium units are available for rent*. (Source: CMHC)

Condos have become a popular housing alternative, attracting a growing number of tenants. The appeal of condos lies in the many services and activities available on site, enabling tenants to enjoy many advantages without leaving their home. The condominiums offer a variety of facilities and services: terraces, swimming pools, fitness rooms, communal lounges, urban chalets and coworking spaces. Some luxury properties even offer additional services such as barbecues, wine cellars, saunas and spas.

Why choose us?

Avoid problems with the condominium corporation

To avoid any problems with the syndicat de copropriété, it's important to respect the basic rules of condominium rental and avoid the common faux pas when renting out your condominium. If you own a condominium and want to rent it out, but don't want the hassle of dealing with the necessary formalities, Rentalys Solution offers you specialized services to help you.

When you choose Rentalys Solution, you benefit from their expert advice. A team of experienced rental and property management experts is at your disposal. These professionals possess a wealth of knowledge in the nuances of condominium rentals. They will take care of all the necessary steps to ensure that your property is let to the most suitable tenants at the optimum price.

Prevent management problems

The aim of the condominium rental program is to support and enhance the condominium rental process. This is achieved by applying a meticulous review of prospective tenants' documents and facilitating clear communication of co-ownership documents to the parties concerned.

The initiative was born out of the recurring need for condominium managers to know their residents and exercise adequate vigilance to prevent the appearance of undesirable tenants in their establishment. Important tenant information is often missing, either because it has never been provided, or because it is obsolete or incomplete. In addition, tenants may forget or neglect to send proof of insurance, neglect payments or fail to sign important documents.

Condominium rental management services

What does the condominium rental management service offer me?

Our apartment rental service is designed to guide you through every step of the rental and apartment management process, including administrative and operational tasks. Our team will manage every step of your unit's leasing process to ensure that only the best tenants are selected and that your property is priced to its full potential.

  • Photo session and creation of a virtual tour of your condo.
  • Detailed rent analysis in your area.
  • Effective marketing strategies to promote your building and unit.
  • Organization and management of visits with potential candidates.
  • Rigorous tenant evaluation and selection process.
  • Careful preparation of the lease, rental regulations and ancillary documents required for condominiums.
  • Fast, secure transmission of essential documents to the condominium manager.

By choosing our property management services, you'll benefit from complete day-to-day management of your property and tenants. So you can enjoy peace of mind for the duration of your lease.

Our services also include :

  • Tenant interaction management.
  • Rigorous collection and follow-up of rent payments. (if you are a non-resident, please consult this section)
  • Systematic dispatch of mandatory declarations and lease renewal notices.
  • Regular and varied communication with tenants.
  • Rigorous management of utility contracts and resident services.
  • Efficient handling of routine repairs.
  • Precise tracking of financial transactions, including cash inflows and outflows, revenues and disbursements.
  • Use of management software offering total transparency in all operations.
  • Emergency telephone service available 24/7.

Choose peace of mind

Our condo leasing service has been developed to improve the quality of life of condominium owners and their tenants by offering comprehensive and adaptable property management services.

Rentalys Solutions team members offer efficient and transparent rental and management services, and provide invaluable advice on maximizing the profitability and performance of rental units while respecting the limits of condominium leases.

When you choose our services, you choose peace of mind.

We use the best technology

We've partnered with UpperBee, the industry's most advanced property management software, so you can access your information freely and transparently. You'll be able to consult your accounting, open tickets, rentroll and much more.

We choose our technological tools to optimize your profitability, find the best tenants and increase the value of your investment!

Are you a foreign investor?

When it comes to choosing a property manager, we look for much more than professionalism and reliability. We also seek the support of reliable, well-informed experts who understand the intricacies of the local real estate market.

At Rentalys Solution, our team of specialists is ready to offer you professional support tailored to your needs as a foreign investor. We can also act as your tax correspondent (or Canadian agent for non-residents) with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Whether you're a Canadian landowner or a non-resident, it's essential to comply with the tax rules, although this can be complex. This involves paying 25% of your net (not gross) rental income to ARC every month. For our clients living abroad, we offer comprehensive services including assistance in reporting their rental income and managing advance payments to the CRA on their behalf.

Our mission is to serve your best interests in every possible way.

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