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The importance of pre-delivery inspection

We've been working with developers and contractors for many years to support their customers in the important step of pre-acceptance inspection.

Our escorts represent our customers to verify the elements required by warranty plans, such as windows, doors, floors, walls, ceilings, electrical circuits, plumbing systems, ventilation, etc.

Over the years, we have adapted to the new realities of the new-build market. The visual inspection of private portions requires a sound technical knowledge to offer a quality service to purchasing customers. Our guides note any construction deficiencies and take photos of the elements to be reported, and pass on the report to the various parties involved on the same day.

The Track & Fix technology tool

Our team uses Track & Fix by UpperBee, a powerful inspection software that can be connected to your construction software. Our customers not only benefit from our excellent services, but also have access to this customer service software for patch coordination and communication with their customers.

Here are the main benefits of Track&Fix for our support customers:

  • Register of buyer information
  • History of all communications with suppliers and customers
  • Management, dispatch and archiving of inspections for all warranty plans
  • Simplified communication with external parties involved in the project
  • Reception, management, follow-up and transmission of service calls
  • Evaluating customer satisfaction
  • Graphical evaluation of the type and number of jobs to be corrected
  • Use annotated photos to document work to be completed
  • Generate inspection reports that include photos taken during inspection
  • Allow inspection documents to be signed during inspection
  • Automatically e-mail inspection reports

Track&Fix improves communication between your stakeholders and speeds up corrective work.

Discover Track & Fix and contact us to find out more.


For more information, see Radio Canada's report on a visit to a construction site: https://ici.radio-canada.ca/tele/la-facture/site/segments/capsule/425477/visite-chantier-construction-condo-copropriete-droit

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