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Our team of real estate professionals use UpperBee Manager, a unique and fully transparent management software.

administrative management

  • Receive requests from tenants and prioritize with different teams.
  • Preparing and sending various communications to the tenants.
  • Communications with the government and municipal authorities.
  • Renew the insurance contract of the building.
  • Preparing and sending mandatory statements to tenants and employees.
  • Updating different registers of the buildings.
  • Enforce the regulations of the buildings.
  • Proposing amendments of the building regulations to the landlord.
  • Periodic reports including financial and operational data.

Financial management

  • Collection of rents from all tenants.
  • Making the necessary reminders to collect unpaid rent from tenants.
  • Calculation of rent increases and negotiation with tenants.
  • Deposit all the sums perceived for the landlord in a distinct bank account, under the owner’s name, in a recognized financial institution.
  • Preparation of the annual budget according to the landlord’s objectives.
  • Preparation of the checks for the payment of the suppliers and sending them to the landlord for countersignature if necessary.
  • Preparation of the annual financial statements of the building.
  • Optimization of the profitability of the building.
  • Services for non-resident owners.

Operational management

autres prestations

  • Prioritization and follow-up of the requests made by the tenants of the building.
  • Ensure an emergency telephone service 24h/day, 7day/week.
  • Periodic inspection of the building to ensure the cleanliness of the places and identify work to be made.
  • Management of damages comprising major work or work related to the special techniques.
  • Negotiate and subscribe, on behalf of the landlord, contracts for the usual supplies, monthly or regular periodically charges concerning the building (such as fuel, gas, water, electricity, elevators, insurances, snow removal, etc.).
  • Negotiate and subscribe, on behalf of the owner, standard contracts of regular cleaning and maintenance carried out within the framework of a normal management (e.g.: simple repairs, electricity, plumbing, locks, etc.).
  • Managing staff employed at the building (including the subcontractors).
  • Managing the complaints and resolve issues with the relevant actors.
  • Hire and coordinate the work of employees and professionals necessary to ensure the maintenance of the building.
  • Emergency travel during the evenings and weekends.

rental management

  • Complete marketing plan of the building to increase the attraction potential.
  • Writing ads to highlight the building and maximize visibility.
  • Display and management of ads on the various apartments and space rental search web sites, in print media and through different networks selected by the landlord.
  • Coordinating units for rent visit with the potential candidates and the current tenants.
  • Selection of tenants according to best practices of the industry.
  • Drafting of leases and annexes.
  • Posting your luxury unit on the MLS network.

other services

  • Preparation and management of a case for the Régie du logement (forms, coordination of meetings between parties, sending correspondence, follow-up on the case, execution of judgment, arbitration or mediation, etc.)
  • Coordination of major work (e.g.: sealing of the envelope of the building, masonry, concrete, fenestration, roof, ventilation and heating, etc.) and work related to special techniques (report, expertise, etc.).
  • Preparation for the landlord of the litigious files or collection of the charges to be transmitted to the lawyer or the bailiffs (e.g.: for a legal mortgage, hidden defects).
  • State of the apartment when the tenants move in and move out.

À la carte management


This management approach allows the landlord to reduce the costs associated with the management of their properties by continuing to be involved in the operations of the building.

The owner can maintain internally tasks associated with some aspects of the management and delegate some tasks to our professional managers who will be happy to help.

This type of management is usually for landlords of fewer than 20 units buildings and who wish to focus on researching opportunities and assign only certain aspects of the management of their building.

Also offered to larger properties, these management services may also be beneficial to landlords who want to reduce management costs and be involved in the operations of the building.

Do not hesitate to contact our team for more details on the pricing applicable to your property management needs.

With these à la carte management packages, it is also possible for you to have recourse to the services of our property managers at an hourly rate. A detailed invoice according to the work completed will be sent to the landlord who wants our services for specific mandates.





Our management team consists of property managers and professionals belonging to numerous professional orders and associations such as the Quebec CPA Order (CPA), the Ordre des administrateurs agréés du Québec (Adm.A), the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (ing.), the Project Management Institute (PMP) and the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés (CRHA).

A customer service, an accounting department, an administrative support department and a technical department are also resources of Rentalys Solution Property Management, which are made available to these clients.

The team of professionals and employees who form Rentalys Solution are bound by common values of excellence, integrity and teamwork.

It is this well-rounded team that makes Rentalys Solution and its partners reputation.


Our service proposal is definitely the most advantageous on the industry when we consider the quality-price ratio.

Our qualified and experienced managers are surrounded by a qualified team and use exclusive tools and a strong network of partners, which enables them to be effective in the management of your buildings and work on the added value tasks desired by the landlord.

At Rentalys Solution Property Management, we are confident that by our expertise, we are able to make you save a lot of money in your operational budget, by managing your properties intelligently and by proposing you innovative solutions.

Our concern is your peace of mind.


The size of our management firm enables us to have qualified people to help you at all time.

Rentalys Solution is composed of a large team who works for you and who will always be there, no matter the extent of the emergency and the number of required resources.

Here, your property manager is not alone, and our web software allows us to offer you several adaptive management formulas and give you the flexibility to switch from one management formula to another easily, while keeping all your data accessible at all times.

An exclusive software

Thanks to our exclusive web management software, UpperBee Manager, tenants and landlord are informed about what happens in the building.

Tenants can constantly access their account statement, consult their messages, open service requests and much more. This innovation allows your tenants to improve their experience as a resident and reduce the turnover rate of rental units.

The software includes tools to facilitate communication between the property manager and the landlord. Our platform is integrated with web tools that simplify considerably many processes of our property management firm, which allows us to put more time on value-added tasks.

UpperBee is accessible at any time, from any computer, tablet or smartphone. The UpperBee App is also available on either Google Play or the App Store.

On balance, our software tools enable us to give you more for your money.

other services




With a lot of experience in the start-up of complex residential real estate projects, our team is equipped to meet all your needs of a new construction, both in rental and condos projects.

We work with several real estate developers and are familiar with applicable laws in order to represent with integrity both the real estate developer and the residents.

Call us to find out how we can help you.



Our condos managers know very well the rules surrounding the management of condos.

Some annual meetings or special meetings can be turbulent because of the topics that will be discussed. Being used to hold meetings, our managers also have skills that allow them to maintain respect and calm in the audience.

Solutions are available for all types of properties, both small and big offering many services SolutionCondo customers.



Our tool customizable, Track&Fix, to your internal process allows you to conduct inspections, annotate the construction problems, the state of the work underway or completed, the state of the site of a rental unit, the state of the common portions before and after a move, etc.

The integrated electronic signature module allows you to have legal proof of acceptance of the report before sending. The platform can be used without a network connection (e.g., basement, garage), required transmissions will be done upon connection to an Internet network.


damage management

Our damage management experts can help you.

Landlords and developers may not always have the time to manage a major damage since it requires a lot of time and coordination across all involved parties.

Indeed, the client of the insurer will want to deal with a designated representative to act as an intermediary between residents involved in the damage and the company who will repair the damage. In addition, the client insured must be able to confirm that repairs were carried out properly before the insurer closes the file relative to the damage.

We are able to act as representatives for landlords and board of directors and carry out this coordinating role.

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