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Sign up for pre-authorized payment of your rent

In Canada, pre-authorized payment (PAD) has become the most common method of payment for almost 20 years, especially for recurring payments such as rent. This approach offers both safety and savings.
Pre-authorized payment offers a convenient, secure and transparent way to pay your rent, simplifying payment management for tenants and property owners alike. By opting for this payment method, transactions are carried out seamlessly, eliminating the hassle of monthly payments.

This pre-authorized payment process is simple and efficient, and takes place in just a few steps. First, we need your authorization.
Download and complete this form.

Hydro-Québec subscription

Subscribe to electricity service - Hydro-Québec for your new apartment

Apply for a subscription in Hydro-Québec's Customer Centre and save $25.

You'll need it:

  • the full address of the place you're moving to,
  • including postal code,
  • your e-mail address
  • and your telephone number.


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