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You have identified a promising rental real estate project?
You have access to a well located building site?
You are planning to convert an outdated building?
You hesitate to start without a competent and experienced partner?
You are looking for complementary financing solutions?

Our company have :

  • A multi-skilled team to support you: accounting, finance, management, marketing, etc.
  • Expertise in rental property management and building maintenance
  • Experience in advertising apartments for rent
  • Privileged access to private capital

Your project may be interesting for us: let's talk about it!

We are committed to preserve the confidentiality of our exchanges.



Our condos managers know very well the rules surrounding the management of condos.

Some annual meetings or special meetings can be turbulent because of the topics that will be discussed. Being used to hold meetings, our managers also have skills that allow them to maintain respect and calm in the audience.

Solutions are available for all types of properties, both small and big offering many services SolutionCondo customers.



Our tool customizable to your internal process allows you to conduct inspections, annotate the construction problems, the state of the work underway or completed, the state of the site of a rental unit, the state of the common portions before and after a move, etc.

The integrated electronic signature module allows you to have legal proof of acceptance of the report before sending. The platform can be used without a network connection (e.g., basement, garage), required transmissions will be done upon connection to an Internet network.



Our damage management experts can help you.

Landlords and developers may not always have the time to manage a major damage since it requires a lot of time and coordination across all involved parties.

Indeed, the client of the insurer will want to deal with a designated representative to act as an intermediary between residents involved in the damage and the company who will repair the damage. In addition, the client insured must be able to confirm that repairs were carried out properly before the insurer closes the file relative to the damage.

We are able to act as representatives for landlords and board of directors and carry out this coordinating role.



With a lot of experience in the start-up of complex residential real estate projects, our team is equipped to meet all your needs of a new construction, both in rental and condos projects.

We work with several real estate developers and are familiar with applicable laws in order to represent with integrity both the real estate developer and the residents.

Call us to find out how we can help you.

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