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Being responsible for the management of buildings in which each co-owner invested a great amount of money, probably the largest expenditure of all their life, is an enormous responsibility and at the same time a profession more than essential and relevant nowadays. Be proud of your profession. At Rentalys Solution, we know that you follow a demanding profession, but so rewarding and important in the daily life of thousands of people!


All our building managers, whatever their experience, are supervised by a Managing Director or Partner and is an integral part of that team. Moreover, all our managers follow a defined career path that allows them to know the competences to acquire during their career. Coaching is personalized according to the manager’s qualification level and each manager profits daily from the exchange with his other management colleagues.


The daily life
of a manager

Can we really describe a typical day of a building manager? They are so different one from another. When starting their day, the manager will verify their agenda and the important dates coming. Then, they will check their emails and will address the emergencies. Throughout the day, the manager will exchange with his colleagues from the other departments to ensure the operational, financial or administrative activities of the building. He will answer the questions of the members of the Boards of Directors, will carry out their rounds at buildings, will prepare for assemblies or Board of directors meetings, update the budget and deal with various other activities necessary for the proper management of the buildings.

to know

  • Our managers work from the Rentalys Solution offices. We provide you all the technological tools (portable computer, mobile telephone, etc.)
  • We offer a 24 h/7 days’ service to our customers. Our managers thus assume in turn the guard for the emergencies apart from the office hours.


our team

You wish to join us as a manager? You make the right choice. We won't hide it, we've always had the ambition to remain the new standard in the industry, and year after year, we confirm this objective. By joining us, not only you will you be part of a beautiful team of professionals, but you will also take part in a rich adventure. We are passionate by the field, and we wish to transmit our passion to those which share our values.


To be a successful manager, certain basic qualities are necessary. First of all, good time management are of primary importance, because the manager must juggle the requirements of several buildings at one time. Then, the profession requires an interest in versatility. At Rentalys Solution, in order to complete the files, you will work on accountancy as well as on the maintenance of the equipment, while passing through the management of various projects.

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