Track & Fix: new condo inspections


A pre-acceptance inspection service by experienced and available experts to verify the elements required by all warranty plans, in complete neutrality and transparency.


A team of experts available and responsive to ensure rapid project delivery!

Suitable for all warranty plans

List of disabilities
per unit

Compatible with construction software

A team of experiencedand available inspectors

Inspection services


Track & Fix detects, organizes, allocates, rectifies and monitors your construction projects directly with your various teams.


✅ Control your projects remotely via our application

Reduce repair costs with pre-delivery corrections

Minimize post-delivery claims with expert inspections

✅Transmission of requests for corrective work

✅Provide your customers with a secure, tailor-made experience

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They put their trust in us!


Technologies and tools


Our team uses Track & Fix, a powerful inspection software that can be connected to your construction software.

Our customers not only benefit from our excellent services, but also have access to this customer service software for patch coordination and communication with their customers.



Key features

  • Buyer information register: Keep detailed track of every customer
  • Communication history : Archive all interactions with suppliers and customers
  • Inspection management: Compliance with all warranty plans
  • Simplified communication: Exchange easily with external stakeholders
  • Follow-up of service requests: Efficient management, follow-up and transmission
  • Customer satisfaction assessments: Measure and improve the customer experience
  • Analysis of work to be corrected: Visualize in graphical form
  • Annotated photos : Precise documentation of the work required
  • Detailed inspection reports: Including photos and digital signature facility
  • Automatic report transmission: Send reports by e-mail immediately after inspection.

Using the Mobile Application


The Track & Fix mobile application revolutionizes the way inspections are carried out. Accessible on iOS and Android, it lets you track the progress of your project and corrective work. :


Consultation of deficiencies by unit with supporting photos and description.

✅ Taking photos: During inspections directly with the mobile device. Photos are automatically added to the inspection report.

Annotate photos by circling scratches, or adding an arrow to move an electrical socket, or drawing areas to be corrected...

Writing by voice, teams no longer need to take the time to write long comments, they use the "Speech-to-Text" function on mobile devices and can quickly integrate comments and observations.

Digital signatures, no need to print the report copy. Integrated digital signatures provide instant signatures for inspectors and customers on mobile devices. Signatures are integrated directly into the inspection report.

Automated reporting: inspection reports are generated as soon as the inspection is completed. Your customer service and construction teams can work together quickly to resolve service calls.

Want to find out more? Contact Clément Beauchesne!


Clément Beauchesne

General Manager

514-935-4217, poste 257


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Contact information

1751, rue Richardson
Bureau 6115, Montréal
(Québec)  H3K 1G6

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514 935-4217

fax : 514 375-1293
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