The complete solution for the startup of new or mixed-use rental projects in the Greater Montreal area

Our team specializes in supporting developers and builders of new rental residences

A rental project does not stop with the laying of the last stone: it is still necessary to find serious tenants, to ensure that they move in under good conditions and to guarantee their comfort of life. This is how your rental investment will fully bear fruit.

We support you by offering the following services:

  • Coordination of the marketing of the project and the units
  • On-site presence of a qualified sales team
  • Preparation of administrative documents, a building by-law and annexes
  • Welcoming potential tenants and visits if possible
  • Extensive analysis of tenants applications
  • Financial management of the property prior to the first move-in
  • Keys handover and move-in management in the best conditions
  • Monitoring of problems encountered by the tenant after the move-in and transmission of construction deficiencies
  • Setting up initial service contracts and recruiting the service providers necessary to maintain the quality of life of the tenants.
  • Collection of rents, communication with tenants and follow-up of their requests
  • Use of the Upperbee real estate management platform allowing the owner(s) to ensure the proper management of their property at all times.




Our property managers are very familiar with the rules surrounding the management of condominiums.

Some annual meetings of co-owners or special meetings can be tumultuous because of the topics to be discussed. Being used to holding meetings, our managers also have skills that allow them to maintain respect and calm in the audience.

Solutions are available for all types of buildings, from small buildings to large high-rise buildings with many services.



Our customizable tool allows you to identify construction problems, perform inspections and monitor the maintenance of your buildings.

The integrated electronic signature module provides legal proof of acceptance of the report before sending. The platform can be used without a network (e.g. basement, garage) and the transmission will be made when the Internet connection is resumed.


of claims

Our claims management experts can help you.

Owners and administrators do not always have the time to manage a major disaster since it requires a lot of time and coordination across all the stakeholders involved.

In fact, the insurer's client will want to deal with a designated representative to act as an intermediary between the residents involved in the loss and the company that will repair the damage. Furthermore, the insured client must be able to confirm that the repairs have been carried out properly before the insurer closes the claim file.

We are able to act as agents for owners and condominium boards of directors to perform this coordinating role.

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